Anania Announces Public Beta Enabling Professionals to Conduct Complex Analytics with No-code Approach Powered by AI

published on 05 May 2022

Now domain experts can analyze their data without writing a single line of code

Los Angeles, CA: Anania, the Self-Service Analytics platform powered by Artificial Intelligence and NLP announced today the launch of Anania 1.0 - democratizing the access of employees across the company to derive cutting edge insights by relying on their domain expertise and asking questions in plain English. With the hype and necessity of coding skills, Anania swims against the tide with their no-code platform making deriving analytics a possibility for professionals in different fields from marketing to product management. 

Anania formally launched in February of 2022 on Product Hunt on a 28 days build-in public quest, aims to provide a no-code platform and the possibility to understand and utilize data and make data-driven decisions. The beta version of the web app - Anania 1.0, provides more advanced analytics, shorter search-to-result time, and enhanced UI, alongside initial support for data analytics and data visualization. The free version of Anania 1.0 allows users to ask unlimited questions from one data set. Users can ask questions as they would to an expert with no strict question structure guidelines in place. 

“By relying on AI and NLP, Anania makes deriving insights and understanding big data accessible to different departments in an organization from marketing to product teams,” says Hrant Davtyan, the founder, and CEO of Pinsight (the company behind Anania). “Utilizing data can uncover critical insights and opportunities. While many departments have data they don't know how to utilize it to make the most use out of it, which can be vital to make data-driven decisions and derive growth and expansion.”

"We are only at the beginning stages for Anania", Continues Hrant “Our embedded analytics will be ready for integration by empowering different software to extract analytics by asking questions. Alongside smart question suggestions and the ability to export findings from Anania’s web app.”

About Anania: Anania is a no-code analytics platform that provides analytical insights to non-technical people with English search queries. 
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