Access More Analytical Insights from Your SalesForce Data

published on 22 September 2022
Anania x SalesForce
Anania x SalesForce

“Sales cures all, period.” Mark Cuban says in his guest appearances on SalesForce x SV academy. “People who suggest grow now you’ll sell later, fail, you have to be able to sell.” In order to sell and have a productive sales process, data-backed decision-making is needed.

Data is an essential part of every efficient and successful sales team. Sales data assist sales reps by preventing them from pursuing clients who aren't a good fit, it also informs about fresh prospects that might otherwise go unnoticed by salespersons. However, data might as well be daunting on its own, specifically for employees who are new to an analytical mindset or do not come from a technical background. Nevertheless, utilizing technology for sales data has transformed the way sales staff think and operate in the past years. Intuitive decisions no longer drive sales teams' decision-making process, for good reasons, in sales, data has taken the lead.

According to McKinsey and Company, 53% of fast-growing companies with more than 6% yearly expansion emphasized data-driven decision-making. Decisions backed by data are beneficial for various business units, however, the field that relies the least on the data and will benefit the most from it are the sales teams. According to the Dun & Bradstreet study, one in every five firms loses income and clients as a result of missing data. Moreover, data-driven sales are known to increase sales profit by 8% while reducing the cost of operation by 10%. Seeing the significant value that data can bring to the sales units our team decided to minimize the boundaries to access insights from data by providing integration for Anania with the most used Sales Software - SalesForce.

Anania is an AI and analytics tool that democratizes easy and fast access to insights for business units. Anania will be available at the SalesForce app exchange, from where users can download and start to ask their questions related to the desired data sets in plain English without the need of writing long codes or SQL queries. Sales reps often need to derive precise insights while closing a deal or deciding which market to enter. Anania is used independently from data teams which makes the process of getting the desired insight from the data faster, more efficient, and accurate thanks to its AI engine. Moreover, sales decisions must be made per market developments, competition activity, consumer trends, and organization-wide efforts. For all of the mentioned components, insights are needed and deriving findings from huge datasets need proficient excel or SQL query writing skills. The alternative for this would be asking the data teams which can be time-consuming and not efficient. Anania comes to help to minimize the boundaries to derive insights and have your analytical questions answered. 

If you want to revolutionize your sales business unit with AI, minimize operational cost by 10%, increase your profit by more than 8%, and rely on data-informed decision making, then let Anania’s smart AI be your guide and answer your most complex to simplest queries. 

Anania understands a wide range of analytical questions. After analyzing the data it provides answers in the form of tables, charts, graphs, and numbers.

About Anania: Anania is a no-code, self service analytics platform that provides analytical insights to non-technical people with English search queries. 

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