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Let Anania handle the analytics for you. You keep your focus on what is important. Just ask questions on your data the same way you would ask a data analyst.

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Why Anania?

Don't wait for days or weeks to get dashboards ready.
Get insights instantly. No code, no hussle.

  • Fast Results

    Get any insight, report and chart from your data in seconds.

  • Easy to Use

    No code, no learning curve. Analytics made as simple as Google search.

  • Zero Setup

    Connect data and start using Anania. No setup or configuration required.

Anania allows you to S.A.V.E.

Search, Analyze, Visualize, Extract.
Simple yet powerful interface for advanced analytics.

  • Search
  • Analyze
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Integrate with tools you love

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Learn how you and your team can leverage Anania for faster and easier access to data reports and insights. 

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Keep track of your marketing expenditure, analyze your current and past campaigns, and improve customer interaction and acquisition.

Product removebg preview

Understand user journey and retention, improve the product experience and achieve faster product-led growth.

Finance removebg preview (1)

Perform financial planning and analysis (FP&A) seamlessly, focus your effort on the "why behind", and create data reports faster.

Engineering removebg preview

Embed and integrate Anania into your own production workflow using our user-friendly API to automate data interactions.

Sales removebg preview

Analyze your sales and customer relationship data to improve sales reporting and performance monitoring.

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Get instant answers to your questions on the go and stay updated on the performance of your business and operations.

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