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Integrate Anania into your product

Empower your users with Generative AI. Allow them to analyze data and documents using a chat interface.

Get It Done Faster and Better

Integrate Generative AI faster than others with Anania API utilizing our own development team efforts.

  • 10 days

    Anania API full integration typically lasts between 2 and 10 business days.

  • $0 commitment

    We do not charge our partners before they see our quality with their own eyes.

  • 100% safe

    We offer full on-premises versions so your data does not leave your servers.

Our Technology

Anania is powered by ChatGPT and state-of-the-art open-source LLM. Use our separate API endpoints or combine them for more powerful experience.

  • ChatPDF

    Text to Text engine which allows Anania to answer your questions using information form your own documents.

  • Most Demanded


    Chat-based Text to SQL engine that allows Anania to analyze databases without accessing your data.

  • ChatURL

    Scraper AI which crawls your website to answer questions using the most up-to-date information.

  • AnaniaChat

    ChatGPT powered by Google search to allow Anania to answer questions with the most up-to-date information.

  • SpreadsheetChat

    Anania ChatSQL tailored for Excel and Google Sheet analysis needs.

  • Extra


    Complex assistants based on Anania for vertical market analytics.

  • ChartBot

    Chat-based interface to creating interactive graphs and visuals for your data.

Empower Your Users

Improve your user experience with Generative AI. Power up your product with Anania API to allow your users get more from your data, documents, and dashboards independently.

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