Talk to Your Tableau Dashboard

Too many Tableau dashboards? Still, some KPIs missing?
Get more from your dashboards by making them interactive. Simply ask questions in English to add tables and charts to your existing dashboard.

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Need more Insights?

Break the Limits of Your Tableau Dashboards.
Make Decisions Faster.

Benefits with Anania

Supercharge your day to day operations with AI powered analytics

  • Instant Analytics

    • No code required
    • Just ask as you think
    • Human friendly analytics
  • Advanced Inisghts

    • Tables and visuals
    • Segmentation and filtering
    • High accuracy insights
  • Ease of Use

    • No setup
    • No technical skills required
    • No learning curve

Use Cases

  • Modify Dashboards

    Add tables, charts, and KPIs instantly to your existing dashboards

  • Explore Insights

    Break the limits of your current dashboards to reveal more insights

  • Conduct Analytics

    Extend Tableau capabilities to conduct advanced analytics on your data

Find Out How to Talk to
Your Tableau Dashboards

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