Analyze SalesForce Data with Anania

Anania empowers sales teams to get more from their data, by just asking analytical questions in plain English and getting data insights right away. Request a demo to see how easy it is to use Anania to increase sales teams productivity and drive KPIs.

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Meet Anania, Your Virtual Assistant for SalesForce Data

Get more value from your data and support your decisions with analytical insight provided by Anania

Analyze data with simple questions

Anania acts as a virtual data assistant between you and your data. You can ask analytcial questions about different datasets to understand your leads and opportunities, to identify customer segments and industries, to reveal conversion drivers and many more. 

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Get instant answers and visualizations

Anania understands your questions and prvoides answers instantly in form of text, number and tables. Moreover, you can get interactive visualozations and later use them in your sales reports. 

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Benefits with Anania

Supercharge your day to day operations with AI powered analytics

  • Instant Analytics

    • No code required
    • Just ask as you think
    • Human friendly analytics
  • Advanced Inisghts

    • Tables and visuals
    • Segmentation and filtering
    • High accuracy insights
  • Ease of Use

    • No setup
    • No technical skills required
    • No learning curve

Use Cases

  • Analyze Leads

    Analyze your current and potentioal customer beahvior, understand the driving factors

  • Find Opportunities

    Perform correlcation analysis and find new market opportunities 

  • Explore Segments

    Find out the most attractive offers for your customers, based on their preferences

Find Out How to Get More from Your SalesForce Data

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