Integrate Anania's Intelligent AI in Your Product

Empower your product with embedded analytics and allow your users to ask questions in plain English and get human friendly answers  

Advantages of Anania

Offer your users an easy access to deep analytcal insights by using Anania's embedded analytics 

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No-code Analytics

Ask analytical questions about your data without specific template for questions. Just ask them in plain English without thinking twice.  

Instant Answers

Instant Answers

Powered by revolutionary AI, Anania understands questions, analyzes your data & provides answers in terms of numbers, text, tables and charts. 


Automated Setup

No configuration required. Once integrated Anania automatically learns from your data and is ready to answer analytical questions.


  • High ROI

    • Monetize your data
    • Save time and money
    • Get accurate insights
  • Ease of Use

    • No setup required
    • Easy integrations
    • Human friendly analytics
  • Support Team

    • Strong community
    • Partnership opportunities
    • Need based customization

How it works

Using Anania's AI analytics is as easy as asking a question to your data analyst. Powered by AI-based analytics, Anania understands your questions like people do, you only need to ask questions in plain English without any structured phrasing. Furthermore, no additional setup procedure is needed to start asking analytical questions about your data. Just connect your data to Anania, integrate your databases or simply upload a CSV or Excel file. Anania will automatically learn from your data and be ready to answer various questions, from simple average calculation questions to finding correlations and complex analysis.
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