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Integrate Anania's Intelligent AI in Your Product

Empower your product with embedded analytics and allow your users to ask questions in plain English and get human friendly answers  

Advantages of Anania

Delight your users with easy and fast access to deep analytical insights by using Anania's embedded analytics 


Seamless Integration

Get Anania embedded and running inside your product in less than a week.

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Know Your Users

See what questions your users are asking most and customize your roadmap accordingly.

Instant Answers

Ultra Personalization

Make your dashboards super customizable and personalized with Anania.


  • High ROI

    • Monetize your data
    • Save time and money
    • Get accurate insights
  • Ease of Use

    • No setup required
    • Easy integrations
    • Human friendly analytics
  • Support Team

    • Strong community
    • Partnership opportunities
    • Need based customization
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