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Ask analytical questions about your data in plain English and get answers instantly. Powered by intelligent AI, Anania understands your questions, analyzes your data and provides automated insights in terms of numbers, text, tables, and charts. 

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How It Works

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  • Monochrome
    Connect your data

    Upload your file or connect Anania to your BI tool

  • Ask
    Ask analytical questions

    Don't think twice, just type your questions in plain English

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    Get instant answers

    Learn key insights driving your business decisions

Data Sources

  • Anania Integrations
  • Upload
    File Upload

    Drag and drop your Excel or CSV files and start analyzing them using Anania's AI - powered analytics.

  • Db
    Database Connection

    Anania integrates with popular SQL and NoSQL databases including MySQL, PostgreSQL and MongoDB.

  • Apps
    Software Integration

    Already have BI dashboards? Integrate Anania with your favorite platforms to provide an enhanced experience powered by advanced analytics.

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